My Spring Clothes Cleanout

Every year around this time I start to panic that I have nothing to wear. That usually leads to me buying things in a hurry that either don't fit or really don't suit me. This morning I went through all my summer tops and t shirts. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have lots of options. Everything still looks OK. Trying them all on at the same time was a good way to see which styles are the most flattering. I'll wash and iron them later so I won't be in tears each morning with nothing to wear!

Now bottoms are another story ... I know I have put on quite a bit of weight lately. I don't feel like ruining my day by trying to squeeze into trousers and pants that won't come near me. I'm in too good a mood! Hip & Thigh Diet?

I've also thrown out some things. I'm a hoarder by habit but it felt good to throw away the pants that I have already repaired three times and two tops with sequins (I know!) all dangling off them. They were way to tight and short last year anyway.


  1. It's weather change here too, my cupboards had a good clean up the other day, the girls need one too...but I get too sentimental with clothes and keep the bags just in case....Bad I know! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I haven't even looked in my closet, I know I will end up sobbing!

  3. Maybe Nigella has some helpful hints!!!! NOT
    We all have clothes in our wardrobes that tell a story about another place another time a lapse of memory when it was last worn AND WHY!


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