Our new couch, sleeps and the giveaway

The giveaway has been a great success so far. I have been reading very single comment which is a lot of reading! It's been incredible. Thank you! You have another couple of days to enter.

Thursday and Friday were a blur. On Thursday I got a call from my friend who needed a ride urgently to pick up her daughter from kindergarten. Little Guy slept through the entire ride there and back and continued to sleep for another hour on the couch once we got home. I had the radio on and was sewing in the next room. He must have been really tired because my sewing machine is quite loud.

This is our new couch by the way. The Ikea Stockholm. We bought it last Sunday and they delivered it on Tuesday. It only took Little Guy and I about half an hour to assemble. I love it! It really looks fantastic with our color scheme but I am on the hunt for some cushions to diffuse the neutral beige and grey. I'll be able to update the look very easily from now on.

It's been an incredibly busy week but I am making progress with everything. I am looking forward to a day at home sewing tomorrow. My products for Mathilda's Market need to be shipped to Australia next week. Don't forget if you are in Sydney to visit Alfalfa & Mee a Bee on July 5th.

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. I am glad you finally got your sofa, it looks nice and comfy;)

  2. thank you, I'm really happy :)

  3. Sofa looks great! Very stylish.


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