Pink Piggy Party Bag Set

Pink Pggy Party Bag Set, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

I finally finished these bags! I started making them aaaaa-ges ago then I think I ran out of strapping so they sat in my "to finish basket" for quite some time. I got the strapping then still did not finish them. Sewing the straps on is my least favorite task. I need to reinforce the stitching carefully so the straps won't fall off. It is so thick I sometimes think I should wear protective glasses in case the needle breaks! And it is kind of fiddly with not a lot of space to maneuver.
Anyway I am so glad these are done and looking gorgeous. There are three in all, each one slightly different but all very very cute.


  1. I agree, these are REALLY cute!!!

  2. This style of bag is great for three and four year olds. Easy to access, easy to put things in and comfy to carry over the shoulder. My DD rarely goes to the shops without hers now and even carries it the whole time without getting tired and handing it off to me!


  3. You are right, nice job they are very cute...I like the pink strap.
    I forgot to tell you that I did a post about your giveaway yesterday...

  4. Ooooo, these are gorgeous! love the colours and prints... x

  5. I really like the runner you made us out of that material, it's so cute. The bags look really great and the lining goes well.

  6. I agree too! These are adorable. I love the touch with the pink strap. What little girl wouldn't fall in love with one of these.


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