Sewing up some Coconut Ice

Are you a fan of Candy Floss (Cotton Candy or Fairy Floss)? Coconut Ice?

This afternoon I am sewing this delicious pink and white polka dot fabric which is the exact shade of coconut ice. It's really making me want to rush out and get some. Perhaps Little Guy and I will make some. We'd have to get some condensed milk but we have all of the other ingredients.

I am making six bags in this fabric. First I am overlocking the raw edges. I'm doing this in one long chain which saves time and thread. I sew down one side of one piece of fabric then before I reach the end I line up the next piece of fabric and continue stitching. All six are linked together like sausages. Fun!


  1. Jacqui - this fabric is divine and as soon as I saw it, I also wanted coconut ice! Is condensed milk easy to find in Japan? Happy nibbling! (so so so jealous you are living where you are!) :)

  2. i loooooove that dot fabric linen range.

    one of my favourites.

    beautiful. :)


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