Shop Update & Google

I've just changed the blurb on Mee a Bee and added one of the new Pink Messenger bags.

Have you noticed that I know how to do ♥ hearts now? I use Firefox, for me the keycode is Alt 9731 (hold down alt and type in that code). I've gone overboard I know.

I change my shop announcement regularly to reflect what I am up to or how I feel. Like changing your shop window. It's the first thing people see and read when they come to my store so I want to greet them in a friendly manner, not look like I am sitting behind the counter with my head in a book.

Having a good introduction also helps improve your Google rating. If you type in "Kids Messenger Bag" to google search, hopefully Mee a Bee will come up in the first few pages ... Too many pages in and people give up and buy their bags from Target without ever seeing all that Mee a Bee has in store.

I found Mee a Bee on page 3 today, not bad!

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