Silence is Golden

Just popped in to see what Biggie was up to and found him asleep in his bed. I guess a big week at school has drained his little seven year old body.
Little Guy gave me a heart attack - his bed was empty but I found him asleep under it!
I am unaccustomed to a house full of silence in the middle of the afternoon!


  1. That's cute - but scary!
    The same thing happened here once, Lucas was to be in bed and then when I looked he was hiding from me under the bed..I went into a state of panic too for a little.

  2. Yes well the first thing I did was check his door - he has a huge ranch slider that leads outside - he can get out the three lock system in about 3 seconds!

    Seems like Biggie was under the weather, he's spiked a fever just now :(


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