Things to do on a rainy day

We had big plans for this afternoon. Shopping for a new couch. At the mere mention of shops it seems my kids break into a cold sweat. Remember Guam?

This time Biggie has horrible head cold that has him in bed surrounded by tissues and unable to eat. Little Guy sneezed ten times in a row this morning but has managed to stave off illness so far (touch wood). Even Mr. Mee a Bee tried to claim sickness but a few extra minutes to sleep in cured him.

I've just finished up this stack of Toddler Boy Messenger Bags. Six altogether this week. I love production line sewing. Can't believe they are handmade? Here's a picture from last night's session. The step was to attach the flaps and the straps. This is done all in one go before the final step of closing up the lining. Attaching the straps on the inside means they can be triple stitched into place - there's no way these babies are going to come loose!

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  1. You have been a very busy bee!The bags look very nice.
    Shopping send my oldest(9) into a panic...I though girls like shopping?!The only place were she will be ok is Ikea because of the play area!:)


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