Toddler Messenger Bag

One of these bags has leaped out of the pond and gone to Germany! Now there's just one left in my cupboard. It's so cute! See it in my shop.

It hasn't even been a year yet since we bought Little Guy his frog-shaped sandpit but in that time he has systematically emptied it. It's virtually empty now - 60kg of pure, non-toxic sand has literally gone down the drain. Will we get anymore? I don't think so since he is still in the dig and dispose phase. I'll fill it with water on hot days and reconsider the sand at the end of summer.


  1. lol about the sand.Maybe he ate it?? And LOVE the new bag and the photography.You are seriously talented!

  2. Thanks Marianne! it means a lot to me.

    These days for photos I am editing them online with Picnik which is part of Flickr. It's really good. Even the worst photos can be fixed up.


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