Who am I?

It's update time again, my second bloggiversary (for this blog) was this week. I've pulled my profile off the side margin and buried a much more comprehensive one deep in the blog. It is now post #1 out of over 1400 posts!!

If you miss my smiling face you can always click "What's this blog all about?" from the side margin. Or click here to see my lovely shiny face, sparkling green eyes and perfect smile! The profile pic was taken on my birthday two years ago, I was very happy that day.

I've left the vitals on the side there. I read tons of blogs and as much I as want to remember it's hard to keep track of whether Joe, Dick and Jane are the family pets or pet names for your three sewing machines. To keep it simple here I have kept it to me: Jacqui, or Blooming or Mee a Bee, I answer to all! My kids are Biggie and Little Guy, seven and two years old respectively, both boys. Mr. Mee a Bee is the block from which the kids are chips off - I'm told regularly they are both spitting images of him. I have three sewing machines but none of them have names so no confusion there.

Click here to see me smiling at you.

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  1. I hit my 5 year anniversary this week but have yet to make 1000 posts. Very impressive you have posted so much in the past 2 years! Happy Anniversary to you and your blog! x


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