An apple a day for your petit?

This is a giveaway I must tell you about. It's just so great. To quote Randy Jackson (American Idol judge) "I have mad love" for Shabby Apple. I have blogged about their gorgeous dresses before. Now my friends Chriss and Georgia at Petit in Australia, have teamed up with Shabby Apple to offer the most amazing giveaway and discount opportunity. You could win (but I know I will win) a little girl's dress and a bottle of Petit Amour. Which dress? What's Petit Amour? Go and have a look.

I am determined to win having blogged, followed, subscribed and commented but if you want to give me a run for my money then GAME ON!


  1. I love your blog/etsy store/flickr... everything.

    I love how you are making rather cool stuff for little boys (because there is so little of it around) and I love how you write about being a mum.


  2. Loving your new logo, Jacqui - and you go, girl! You win!


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