Award time! Two Blog Awards

Yesterday I received two lovely awards from blog friends.

Laurie is Made by Swirly Girl. She's a former ballet dancer who lives in the LA area. Her art is vibrant and colorful. I love the ballet dancer art. This is her blog.

In order to accept this award I need to nominate 15 other lovely bloggers so I have my thinking cap on.

My first nominee will be Tania of Tania McCartney who awarded me the cup-of-tea-cruising blog award yesterday. Can I accept an award by returning one? Tania is a writer. She often pops in to visit us here at Blooming, she's Smiley Bella. Perhaps I will be the inspiration for a character in an upcoming book?

Next up is another Tanya, of Aardvark Silver. She lives in Thailand and makes jewellery. We belong to an Etsy sellers network together.

This morning I visited Michelle from Hopping through Branches by Pedro Sprout. She has an exciting new blog chronicling the renovation of part of her house. It's going to be a shop called Nook. It sounds so cool.

Elizabeth was the runner-up winner from my giant giveaway last month. Her blog Bits of Sunshine is lovely and at the moment she has a cute sewing tutorial up.

Astrid's blog Connecting the Dots is absolutely gorgeous. Her sewing projects are so beautiful. And her kids just picture perfect.

Nikkie is a friend of mine with an exciting new baby product called Flobib. She's going to be at Mathilda's Market in Sydney as well. Her blog is still a work in progress but you should pop in to read her recent interview at Handmade Kids, she's one to watch!

Hannah is my friend in Utah. She's a stay-at-home mom/sewing fanatic like me. I have her to thank for Little Guy's fantastic Western banner. Of course we connected through blogging!

Cathie is a frequent visitor to Blooming. Her blog M.E is fantabulous with so much to see and do. If you like cupcakes you've gotta check it out.

This week I've been chatting to another lovely blogger in Utah. Autum's blog has the cool title Monsters in My House.

Julie's blog We've Got Paper showcases her stationery but also the concept of PenPals. It's kind of quaint in this electronic age but something we all love is to get a real letter in the letterbox.

I recently received a fabulous letter from Anna of Much Love. It was full of wonderful free postcards and business cards that she'd collected on her travels. It all looks so great on my noticeboard.

One of the business cards was from Melbourne based Twiglet who happens to belong to the same business network that I do, Skout Trade Fair. I've been interested in the Twiglet blog .

Kristina and I have connected via an Etsy networking team. Her blog Wash when Dirty has tons of links and giveaways.

From the same group you must check out Nun of a Kind. Her work is absolutely unique.

My last link to award these blog awards to is Brenda of Natural Star. Her knitwear for babies is just amazing. We've been friends for a while as kiwis both selling on Etsy.

Please accept these awards with my love and appreciation of making the blog world a better place. I follow all of your blogs everyday and am inspired by each of you.

Pick your favorite award, or both and pass them on to ten or (fifteen) blogs that you think are just lovely.


  1. J--
    You're so awesome! Thanks!

    So, I haven't responded very much bcse I've had "morning" sickness. Yes, #3 is on the way. (but I haven't blogged about it just yet :) )

    Thanks again for the shout out!!! I AM going to blog about you one of these days....

  2. Thank so very much!!! I love stopping by to read your journey :)

  3. thank you! you wrote so nicely about each of us!

    and i did receive my little tote! i just LOVE it! it is so happy! my camera has been living in it - and it makes me smile. :) thank you so very much!

  4. Jacqui you have put a smile on my face for the day :) Thank you!

    I would have to choose the cup of tea award, because that is when I do most of my blog reading - while enjoying a cup of coffee! Looking forward to passing the award on :)

    Take care x

  5. Ohhh - my, I never got around to thanking you for this! I'm so sorry - however, totally appreciate it, and what a list to be included in! Wonder if it's too late to let people know on my blog? Thanks! :)


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