Big News

Big News Big News!

Mee a Bee has been invited, as one of just fifty hand-picked designers, to take part in a new online shopping initiative: Trifle, layers of lovely.

Take a look at some of the designers of wonderful products for children that will be available in one place from mid-August. Trifle Notebook


  1. Congratulations. You're going to rock!!

  2. Congratulations , I'm not even a little surprised as your stuff is wonderful !

  3. Congratulations!

    Your introduction reads really well. Made me want to go and buy another Mee a Bee but I already have DD in a dilemma as to which one she wants to take with us to Oz next month!;)

  4. How fabulous is that?! Congratulations! Your beautiful pieces will be such a hit. :) K

  5. Congrats Jac, sounds soooo exciting !

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I am frantically trying to sew of course. Stocking in lots of different locations means I need a lot of stock!

    Cat, DD should take the messenger bag, then it won't be too heavy and you won't end up carrying it :)

  7. Many congratulations! Well deserved and looking forward to seeing everything:)

  8. Congratulations! I like to hear stories like that. Here's to your success.


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