Biggie's Day off School

Biggie was at school for about two hours yesterday which gives him a whole day off today. That's pretty cool isn't it? I know lots of mums can't wait for the kids (and husbands) to head back to school (and work) come Monday morning but I really like having Biggie home. Biggie and I spent every single day together for the first four and a half years of his life. I still miss him during the day even though he's been in school for over three years.

We don't have any plans for the day. Yesterday the kids had a splash in the paddling pool. If it gets hot later I am sure they'll want to do that again. We really enjoyed our bike ride on Saturday so that's another possibility. Yesterday we were out in the car. We decided to drive around the seaside on another exploring trip. We'd just need to bike ten minutes to reach the sea where dozens of people fish off the wharf. Yesterday there were heaps of fishing boats moored there, a fish market, a cafe and even a Sunday flea market. It's the sort of area boys love (except the flea market I guess!).


  1. I love having my girls home from school too :) I always find it amusing how I couldn't wait for them to start school when they were little and now I'll keep them home on any excuse!!! Lovely post - thanks for this.

    I've just posted my favourite photo tag, Jacqui!! Hope you like it. :) K

  2. I also love it when the kids are home from school! Feels less stressful somehow not having to bother with times and homework and stuff like that, and freedom to go where we want and do what we want

  3. Your local seaside sounds a fantastic place!

    I miss Miss M when I go to work. I can't wait to see her when I get home. She has such energy which I really thrive off. And we have the BEST conversations!

  4. what a nice post Jacqui! this is why I like reading your blog and chatting to you as you are such a lovely mum as you can just tell how much you enjoy your family and being home with them which is very refreshing in this day and age.. ;-))

  5. Thanks everyone! We have had a good day. Nothing done or accomplished but nice all the same. back to school tomorrow.


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