Bikers love Denim

Do you remember my Robot n Felt book bags from last year? They were incredibly popular for lots of reasons ... the robots, the orange, the felt ... and I hope - the style.

This time I've made a very similar bag in denim. The fabric overlay is linen and cotton printed with bicycles. The bikes have that old time look to them, like choppers with the high handlebars.

My favorite part of this bag is the large gusset on the bottom and the red stitching. I used heavy duty thread for jeans. It's much thicker than normal thread and really stands out on the denim. I love it.

The fabric is so cute, red and blue bikes and little fluffy clouds.

I pre-washed the denim twice to set the dye. It came out of the machine like stiff cardboard but it irons and sews beautifully.


  1. LOVE the denim - it looks fabulous! K

  2. Very nice, I am sure this one will be popular too!;)

  3. Gorgeous, your things are just so cute!
    I wish I had more time to sew at the moment. The kids and housework just seem to be taking every moment of my day. I have so many new things planned to make, maybe this weekend I will get some time.

  4. somehow I have missed this post? I love the bag and denim in it! gorgeous!! I think some sporty girls would love to have that bag as well :)


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