Coffee, Cake and Sundays

Over the weekend I popped into Coffee, Cake and Sundays to find out more about the lovely Kirsty who has commented here a couple of times this week.

I spotted Kirsty's planner on the desk and asked where she got it. It's from Australian specialty publisher Milestone Press. Red is all sold out but the beige one is reduced. I have emailed to ask how much shipping might be to Japan.

I am in desperate need of structure to my week. I am constantly surrounded by pieces of paper and post-it notes. I have four calendars with snippets of the vital information on each. No central system and a brain that's bursting with stuff that has to be done.

Pop into Kirsty's blog to see what her gran has knitted for Kirsty's little boy. It's really cute and cuddly.


  1. Awwwww thanks for linking back to me. You'll love the diary - it even has a place for dinners on each day!

  2. get it sent here I will send it on

  3. Thanks Shayne that's a great idea. I haven't heard back so I will do that. I'll have to set up an account with your forwarding service!! I sent a huge box of goodies for you to sell at the market today 6kg of bags!!

  4. I could bring it back with me if it is pricey. Shouldn't be too bad though.



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