Dangerous Boys

In between jumping on the couch, banging a plastic drum, shouting at the top of their lungs and chasing each other with umbrella swords my boys found a quiet moment to read out loud to me just now. They're both reading tiny books from the Dangerous Book for Boys companion sets. Biggie tells me we need an Altoid tin, some wire and a 9V battery. Little Guy reads "puzzle qauter puzzle and get Puzzle get the water need water" and then bursts into song "Happy Birthday to you".

Today's schedule:
Get dressed (Little Guy and I)
Clean up pigsty before Chatty Cafe
Finish icing the cake
Hang out yesterday's laundry
Post office
Chatty Cafe


  1. So very, very dangerous! They're darling.

    My oldest daughter (9) loves the Dangerous Book for Girls. I know the lists well... she's always coming up with some new list of "must have" items to do something that will be the coolest.

    So glad to have found out about you. I'm loving your work!

  2. Did you make the lemon cake? Oh, yum!

  3. Thanks Liz and Tania

    Yes I made the Lemon cake - this is my best recipe a the moment, make the kids birthday cake in the Australian Women's weekly kids birthday cakes book - plain butter cake. Instead of vanilla I add lemon zest. then I ice with lemon juice icing. Yum! buttery and moist but with a slight tang, perfectly fresh for the warm weather we are having.


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