A day of rest

Hi all, Sunday is over for me but for lots of you it's still going strong!
Happy Sunday and Happy Father's day. Mr. Mee a Bee took the kids to visit their grandfather today giving me a whole day to myself.

I raced into town to get some supplies for Mee a Bee while they were gone. It's quite expensive to get to the city from here. It takes a least an hour. It includes a bicycle ride and two train rides. Fortunately Mr. Mee a Bee offered to lend me his train pass. If I use it I have to pretend to be a 40 year old male if I get questioned, luckily that's never happened, touch wood. I had a good couple of hours out.

This afternoon Katharine and I were finalising our stand layout for Mathilda's Market. We've decided to go a little bit vintage with old suitcases, an old ladder and hat boxes for the display. Cute bowls for business cards. There is still a lot to do but we have plan! We have two weeks to go.

Katharine makes zippy purses and bibs but her best selling items are her lockets and pendants. Take a look: Alfalfa. We are both so excited but still a bit nervous. Luckily our stuff looks fab together.


  1. I hope that everything went well for you at the markets over the weekend!

  2. Aah, the peace of an empty house! Hope you found all the goodies you need and best wishes with the markets! :) K

  3. Best of luck for your market, it is a good ieda to share the stall and stress;)

  4. Thanks everyone! yes it was a lovely weekend. Got a bit done and kind of took it easy as well.


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