Weekend Adventures

It's Sunday at last! I've had my little sleep in but not as long as I'd have liked since Biggie had to go off to school today.

I'm slowly coming to terms with all of the strange things to do with school life here. School on Sunday actually seems reasonable since it's a day when dads are invited to go along and take part in a craft activity with their children. Today Biggie has had to take an empty 1 litre milk carton, some sellotape and some felt tip pens. We didn't have a milk carton since we don't buy the 1 litre bottles. Earlier this week Biggie actually asked his teacher if it would be okay to take an ice coffee carton instead. Bless his heart he's a stickler for doing the right thing and following the rules.

Our day of gardening yesterday turned into an exploring adventure. We biked the long way to the super-store hardware shop. The plant selection was dismal and we could not find any herbs at all which was a shame. Little Guy spotted the ice cream shop as soon as we pulled up and wouldn't stop whining for ice queee the whole time we were there. Since it was hot we did have a sit down at the cafe before tackling the ride home.

One of our favorite things to do is go down roads we haven't been down before. I regularly challenge Biggie by making him go down rickety paths and dead-ends. It's not in his nature to try new things willingly. We made a great discovery yesterday - a huge orchid nursery. I've seen the glass houses as I've driven past on the main road but yesterday we found the entrance and found out what is being grown. I love orchids, did you see I had Singapore orchids on my wedding day? This place has a little shop that is open a couple of times a month and it's cheap. I will be taking a look next time I have some pocket money.

We also found a tennis court, a colorful playground and a bamboo resting place/park designed to catch the wind. All in all a great morning adventure. Lots of fresh air and exercise, conversation and laughs with my kids.


  1. Your gardening adventures sound so idyllic and lovely - thanks for sharing :) We're all rugged up and fighting off colds here so it's a bit surreal whenever I read a northern hemisphere blog! School on Sunday! That'd be a shock for my girls - it's the only day we all get to spend together these days. Lovely post :) K

  2. I love your adventurous spirit and it really paid off!I wonder what Biggie will come back from school with.....hmmm.


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