Fly away with me

Today was all about travel. I woke up early and got stuck into this bag. I love this fabric by Kokka. Planes, rockets and helicopters all with cute smiling faces. This bag is off on a trip itself. I made it for my friends in Canberra, Australia.

I was just sewing the last row on the flap when the phone rang. A friend of mine is going overseas soon so we talked about suitcases for a while. Most of my friends will be away for the summer as is customary for expats here in Japan. For one thing it's incredibly and unbearably hot. High temperatures coupled with humidity make the smallest daily task momentous. The other reason for travelling at this time of year is of course the length of the summer break from school.

The Mee a Bees are not going anywhere this summer. We'll suffer through but we are really hoping we'll get back to NZ for Christmas. Mum and I talked about that a little bit on the phone this afternoon. As always the big issues are to do with money - being able to afford the fares, the cost of car rentals and possbily accomodation. Things are always a lot more expensive than you were expecting. I'll keep you posted and in the meantime I'll sew.


  1. Love that bag and when go off somewhere I will be ordering a couple! We are stuck here over summer will feel very lonely with everyone else going home.But bet we have a great time regardless of staying put!


  2. Thanks Marianne. Would be great if we lived near each other wouldn't it? I am sure our adventurous spirits will meet sometime.


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