Today I felt so tired and heavy I started looking into joining a gym. As luck would have it there is a special on right now, ending today. After lunch I think I will sign up. What do you think? Blow some cobwebs out?


  1. good lord Jacqui! how are you going to fit in gym visits into your already busy life???? but I always say just go for it, what have you got to lose? :-)

  2. I can't make it to the gym (Devil Boy you know!) but I have started working out at night after I get them penned up for the night. I am so tired I can't do much, but I feel much better. Go for it.

  3. Hi Jacqui! I know this feeling and my only advice is try everything and find what suits you. Gym can be great as you feel obliged to go once you sign up (ie. pay up!) for a year, but this can get to be a real drag. I don't do the gym thing anymore - I got so sick of feeling guilty for not going! :) Now, I walk everywhere (that's my cardio) and I go to a yoga class once a week (that's my toning)... and it works for me. But you need to try out options and see what suits you best (hopefully without having to sign up to anything for a year!) Good luck! Kylie x

  4. the gym sounds good. go for it! when my kids were smaller i got some pilates dvd's and exercised when they went to bed. it worked for a while until I got bored with it. (i guess seeing the results was not enough).
    But for sure you will feel really good about yourself after a good workout.

  5. they have pilates on the weekend. and power yoga ... I will stick with swimming until I get a feel for the place :)

  6. get the cobwebs out

    my dad always used to say that. especially on sunday afternoons when we had all been sitting around and dozing and he thought we all needed a walk and some fresh air to get the cobwebs out . . .


  7. which gym?

    I've been to 2 gyms in Japan before, Gold's Gym and Do Sports Plaza.

    I don't like Gold's gym payment method, they would just take from your bank without any specific date, but just once a month, but they do have quite good set of equipments.

    On the other hand, Do Sports plaza offers you a contract, so if your stay is limited, you can sign in for contract, like two months. You just to pay for it though, but when I signed up, I received two months and 1 free month (promo) plus 5,000 yen gift check which I can use. They also have a pool that's why I prefered Do Sports plaza.

    If you are really short on budget, there are gyms located in almost every ward. Those are for public use, they are cheaper alternatives to gym, but expect that they don't have that much equipment.

  8. I've joined at Central Sports. It will be paid monthly straight from my account. It's a nice gym for adults only - my son does karate at another branch. I am liking it a lot!


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