Have you heard of Kumon?

This morning Little Guy and I have made a start on these toddler workbooks by Kumon. They are for 2-3 year olds.

When Biggie was the same age I had a student who was a big believer in Kumon. Her son is in medical school now and even he attributes his success to Kumon. She bought the entire set of workbooks for Biggie over the years. Biggie is a studious kid who loves writing so it was/is right up his alley.

Little Guy is much more of a large motor skill kid - he loves to run and jump, however recently he's been showing interest in sitting at the desk. He loves to scribble and really enjoys cutting (especially his finger nails, therefore we hide the scissors).

I have seen the English versions of these books. We've done two pages of cutting practice and two pages of stickers. In cutting practice, we had to follow the arrows and cut the whiskers on a dog. For stickers we had to place some fish in the sea and some gulls in the sky. It was just enough for his little mind and still clumsy fingers. This type of activity teaches pre-reading skills. A little counting and color naming thrown in rounded out this quick activity.


  1. In the U.S there are Kumon math and reading center's. I can only assume its the same people. The work with stickers sounds fun...my daughter loves stickers etc and has just discovered her love for coloring, she will be 3 at the end of august...!

  2. This would be right up C's ally, she loves to use her scissors and stickers...don't even get me started..haha

  3. I never knew that Kumon was also for fine motor skills as cutting and peeling stickers, in Indonesia Kumon was such a big hit in .... Math only! It is a widespread phenomenon that the children who have a Kumon lesson, can multiply in age 5 and do logarithm by grade 4. It's a big annoyance for parents who don't enroll their children into kumon classes (because of the time and cost), because it make their children feel like a moron with friends like that in class. I wish more Kumon like yours will be introduced too, I hate the math only kumon.

  4. I bought a couple of the preschooler workbooks (cutting and colouring) at Target here in the US. Very cute, but then I felt like it was too workbooky, iykwim, so I didn't buy any more. Still, I liked them for A. when we were on the go and I needed something to keep her busy!

  5. It is workbooky but it's fun, the pictures are very cute. My older son loves workbooks and repetition and the little one loves to copy. he's quite thrilled to have his own books.
    Pretty soon we move onto gluing or pasting. I suppose I could just let him paste up an old magazine but at $5.00 each I like these.
    Good idea N for "on the go" activity books. They're not character driven so I like them and they are a good little size. Good tip!

  6. Oh wow they look amazing will have to look into it, wonder if you can get them in Australia????


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