Hotdogs to go

We are planning an afternoon by the pool. Hotdogs with the works will be ready by six.


  1. It's hotdogs - make them how you like them, bun with sauce, mustard and frankfurt, cheese etc, wrap in tin foil then put them in the crockpot for 3 hours. It heats to perfection and they are ready to eat. Alison Holst recipe. No need to pre-cook anything. We are having them again today - 4 buns but 11 frankfurts, we had to get some more buns.

  2. We went to Bjørg's house today and ended up staying for tea. They were having hotdogs and mashed potato (they all eat packets of mashed potato from flakes here, tastes really nice and only takes 5 mins to make.) Em won't eat sausages except for Denise style, stuffed with potato, topped with cheese and grilled. She really likes them and Carina liked them too.
    My crock pock has lime marks on it, I should look up how to get it off.

  3. Yes a crock pot with lime stains is a real crock pock!


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