I can relate

20090608-stressed_out, originally uploaded by Chris Piascik.

As usual I have been burning the candle at both ends. After four hours sleep I am up and at 'em. My boys love their 6 o clock wake up call.
I have a busy day today with Chatty Cafe (lemon butter cake) then later on I will be going to the post office. Hopefully for the last time this week.
I still have a pile of ironing to do but I am staring longingly at the couch, fast forward to this afternoon please, I need a nap.
I've done the edits on the video I promised you from yesterday. I found a new website that was fairly easy to use: JayCut.com It's free to register. I recommend watching the demo before you get started on your own projects.
I'm not really feeling stressed just this picture caught my eye. I found Chris on Flickr and he has an Etsy store: http://
Have a great day.


  1. Love the picture! I can relate too at the moment,as I am trying to get my first market of the season ready!!

  2. I like that pic.. will have to save that one for a real meltdown day. ;)


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