I did it!! I joined!!

I am so proud of myself. I joined the gym!! I did it all by myself! This may not sound much of an accomplishment but it's huge for me since I had to navigate the whole process in Japanese!

I have signed up for two months, pre-paid, then from September they will deduct the payments from my bank account. Yep, I managed to get an auto-payment set up.

I actually pre-registered online this afternoon. My computer does not write Japanese so I have to search the internet for the words I want, then copy and paste them into the right sections. That took ages but I was so glad I had done it since my registration form was already at the gym waiting for me to come in. I didn't have to write anything myself, just sign on the dotted line.

The gym is housed on the 7th floor of a swanky hotel and office building a short bike ride from my place. It's called Central Sports. Biggie does karate with the same group but at another branch. I chose the branch that does not allow kids under 16 to join!!

My membership allows me to work-out between 7 and 11pm weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Mee a Bee gets home at about 8.15pm so I will have to be ready to go when he gets here. I am sure I will have no trouble initially, I'm usually dying to get out of the house then.

There's a full compliment of classes on in the evening: aerobics, STEP, AquaCircuit, etc but I think I will be happy swimming. I haven't swum in years so I'll be a bit rusty but I think I'll quickly fall back into stride.

I am very happy about finally doing something about my ever-growing backside and my lack of energy. I told Mr. Mee a Bee (who flinched at the price) that I would save money in the long-run since I won't need to keep buying clothes in a bigger size.

Wish me luck, I'll go tomorrow night for my orientation and hopefully my first splash.

I won't wear my new togs, my old black faithfuls will be perfect and pretty soon I will look great in my new swim suit (which is now on sale god dang it!!)


  1. Thats awesom jac. Thats such a note of encouragement to all mom's. we all need to make the effort to be fitter. Its not just about how we look, its about being healthy. I think its the best gift we could give our children. i too am gonna try harder. Maybe not the gym right now, but at least a daily walk around the block for starters !

  2. Well done Jacqui - it can only make you feel better (and a little tired initially - lol) and you will have heaps more energy to make your gorgeous creations. Yippeee

  3. titahiWay to go Jac! That's such a great idea, and it will be so nice to get to the pool on those hot hot evenings I imagine!

  4. I understand your excitement so well. Such an accomplishment to have done that all by yourself in Japanese!
    I hope you enjoy your trips to the gym. I'm envious!

  5. Good on you Jacqui! Don't look back - I started a fitness class about 8 months ago - and I hate running and moving and sweating etc But - I have never felt so strong and energetic - the beginning will be hard because your body will be fighting you - be mentally strong and you will be amazed at the difference in a few months time!

  6. Hajimemashite! I found your blog via my girlfriend's at A Pocket Full of Buttons! I'm so glad that I did. I can't wait to read what you are doing in Japan! I lived there myself as a kid through my teen years and LOVED IT! Seeing some of your pictures brought back so many memories!

  7. What a nice stop on your blog, came across it when googling for bags. Love your blog, so inspiring! Looking forward to read more! towe.


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