I'll admit it, he does watch TV

I am anti-tv for children and I do try to restrict the amount of TV my kids watch. I choose the programs and monitor the content of the advertisements. It's a bit futile since any cartoon or animated program is in fact a 20 or 30 minute long advertisement for the goods associated with it.

The industry for children's goods is huge. New potential consumers are born every second and the whole target market renews every three years. That is to say that when one kid moves on from Bob or Thomas there's another little one waiting in the wings to join the fan club.

So I confess: Little Guy is a fan of several children's programs on the Disney Channel. But it's not all glazed-over faces and square eyes. Just now we watched a little arts n' crafts segment and we made this tissue box guitar. He's so happy. Normally the "sello-take" is off limits to him.


  1. I totally agree, we LOVE playschool & ABC1 & ABC2, no ads :)
    funny... sello take!

  2. I am constantly at odds trying to explain why we can't watch Bob or toy story 24 hours a day. Then if I ever succumb to the other stations I have to explai why the ads are on and that it isn't my doing. He cries and winges thinking I have purposely turned off his cartoons. How do you explain advertising executives trying to bleed parents dry with flashy ads, selling to these poor needy children to a 3 year old!

    Love the guitar - what a great idea.....I'm starting a band!

  3. It's hard to keep them away from TV, after all the TV sits there in our house all day, and our kids are sharing space with it (and we do watch TV ourselves!). I usually turn to DVD, when he's obsessed with Thomas, I buy him the DVD instead of watching it on the TV.

  4. Really a few hours a week would be more than enough ... I was so good with Biggie ...

  5. t.v is not as detrimental as its made out to be. My little one watches Noggin ( which is commercial free) and her favourite is Oswald and Yo Gabba Gabba. I utilize those show times to do important stuff like shower... as I know she will not get upto any mischief for a good 20 mins as she is mesmerized by those characters :)


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