Jumping Frogs WIP

Jumping Frogs WIP, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

The little fella has fallen asleep giving me time to do some major cutting out. Check out this new frog fabric.


  1. cute! :) I love japanese imports.... but they're so expensive here in hawaii. :/

  2. So cute. I love froggies.
    Can't wait for Mathilda's market in July. I am going on the Sunday morning to see your stuff in the flesh!!
    We fly home that night.

  3. I had a look at the Mathilda's market site, looks like they are going to have really good stuff. I was just looking at B.box, it's a really cool nappy box with all the changing gear in it. I wish I could go to the market. There's lots of cute stuff for babies but Baby is getting quite big now, will have to start calling her toddy ;-)

  4. yes it's cute isn't it amber!

    I'm so excited about the market, it's so great you can go Kelly!

    Sal, do you think you and Toddy might be able to go to NZ for Christmas?

  5. It's quite possible we might be in NZ at Xmas, will have to see how things pan out. Today Em got some jewellery for her crocs, it's a scotty dog shape and says "Baby"! So cute.

  6. I hope you can come Sal!! wouldn't that be cool? we'd have to rent a place though unless your place will be vacant?


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