Konnichiwa say hello in Japanese

Yesterday was full on, apologies for not checking in. I enjoyed a couple of hours of sewing in the morning. It was so nice to have the house to myself and not be too tired to think (as I often am at night when I sit down to sew). I got a lot accomplished.

I've been attaching price tags to the bags which will go to Mathilda's Market. I've borrowed one of those tagging guns from Mr. Mee a Bee. I'm trying to make it as simple as possible for the customers to buy and for Alfalfa & my auntie to sell all the wonderful Mee a Bee goodies.

I had one more project I wanted to try: stickers. I spotted the stickers on Fantastic Toy's blog. He'd been at a craft fair and found stickers a great giveaway for children. I thought it was an excellent idea to get people wanting to know which stand was ours when they saw kids wandering around with cute stickers on.

Thanks Fantastic Toys for the great post on Craft Show displays.

I printed the stickers on cheap label sheet from the 100 yen shop, they say:
Alfalfa & Mee a Bee
{ pic}
Konnichiwa say hello in Japanese!

OK, in fact it is after midnight Wednesday night as I write this, but consider it Thursday's post. I still have to sleep, wake up, get the kids ready, take Little Guy to sitter, drive home, vacuum then make lamingtons for today's Chatty Cafe ...shhhhh I bought a sponge cake (I just can't face my own baking this week).

Night Night, Konnichiwa, Oyasumi - am I coming or going?


  1. Well done Jacqui! These are super cute and a great idea to put the Konnichiwa say on them as little kids love saying it here.
    My sister in law tells me that everytime my brother rings them from Japan their kids insist on getting on the phone to say 'Konnichiwa Adam san' and their youngest is 3!

  2. ps love love love your new logo!! you must be thrilled with it?

  3. Thanks Mimoo! yes I am thrilled with it all, I think it looks great. I was so happy when the designs came back and Meredith (at Jack & Molly) said my illustration was in fact up to scratch and good to keep!

  4. Love the new logo too!! And konnichiwa! How cute!

  5. Great ideas for your stickers...I hope the market will reward you from all this late night work;)


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