Little Guy's Pick

Busy Work Day, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

Little Guy can't get enough of this fabric. He keeps nicking it out of the cupboard. He can name every vehicle and takes great pleasure from it. Lucky for him one of these wallets is not up to scratch so he might get to keep it. Otherwise they are all off to Mathilda's Market in July.

This is a velcro-close little boy's wallet/coin purse. The fabric is by Oharayaseni Co. Still trying to find a link to their site.


  1. You have mad sewing skills = ) Keep up the fab work = )

  2. Easy to see why - he has excellent taste! :)K

  3. Thanks you two.

    These are a b#%@@@%^*% to sew as well since the felt is so thick.

    I think they will be very popular.

    May have to whip up some more!

  4. I love these too. I have put my business cards in mine and carry it in my bag with me. I love the navy blue background it is beautiful.
    Make more of them for sure - they are awesome.


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