love bites by babybites

Earlier this week I was thrilled to spot a wonderful feature on babybites about Mee a Bee.

The review is great, very informative. It's almost like a "demystifying" shopping at Mee a Bee article. babybites is based in New Zealand. I'm so grateful they've written this article since out of over 100 sales via my Etsy store only one has been to New Zealand.

I can't believe that kiwis don't have a thing for cute kids bags so can only conclude that New Zealanders don't know very much about Etsy, or don't shop online much or the poor New Zealand dollar just makes everything too expensive. babybites has kindly directed shoppers to my BigCartel page which is in Australian dollars. That reminds me I must update that!

Thanks babybites for a great feature!


  1. Congrats on the great review :), I think every little girl in NZ should have one of your bags...including my own! I think NZ is only really just discovering Etsy, and more through word of mouth.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, congratulations! How fabulous to be recognised for your beautiful work! Well done! I think you might be right about building up your Big Cartel shop too - it's hard spending in Aus and NZ $$ when you're not quite sure what the US$ exchange is going to do to you... you know what I mean :) K

  3. You are more likely to sell stuff in NZD or AUD. Things seem expensive when they are in USD.

  4. Just getting around to saying THANKS!! ☺


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