Monday Feature

Check out this wonderful write up on Ju's Blog about Mee a Bee. Julie is a friend of mine from Etsy who does embroidery, knitting and crochet. She sells and also donates a lot to charity. He slogan is "Visual Arts through the Eye of a needle", that's very clever.

Thanks Ju for a wonderful and thoughtful write-up.

One of the charities Ju supports is Cora's Playground. It's an incredibly heartbreaking story and a cause well worth supporting.


  1. Hi Did you know you are featured on mam loves to shop blog a few minutes ago !

  2. what a nice write up about you!

    i am adding you to my list of blog love this morning!

  3. Thanks so much! Bubba I did not know about that feature!! I'll post that one tomorrow :)

    Thanks Elizabeth for reading the article, and the link! thanks for making my blog part of your regular reads!


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