More on the goats ...

My friend saw my new fabrics and commented about the goats. Apparently there is a children's nursery rhyme about a couple of goats and a letter.

The white goat sends a letter to the black goat who foolishly eats it without reading it. The next day he wonders what might have been in the letter so writes to inquire. Low and behold the white goat does the same thing - eats the letter without reading it. The following day he finds himself writing yet another letter to ask after the contents of the letter from the day before. Of course this letter is never read and so the tale continues into infinity.... and nobody ever learns what was in the first letter!

You can listen to it if you like, here (in Japanese) and see artist Aesun Kim's take on it here.


  1. haha, it just sounds funny. So the moral of the story is don't eat the note until you read it? Or goats don't read?

  2. LOL tried to think of something deep myself too but at midnight I can't do it!


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