Mummy Day

I've spent the day doing mum things.

Biggie's whole grade was at the local pools for an hour of swimming this morning so we went to watch. I was pretty late but I got to see Biggie swimming at least 10 meters. He took a short course last year and learned to swim. I am pleased he hasn't forgotten what he learned. He saw us there and I know he was happy since I hadn't mentioned that I was planning to go.

Little Guy and I treated ourselves to pancakes for lunch. He really loves doing the mixing. He's been indoctrinated into the joys of lemon juice and sugar on pancakes, YUM!

I always think of my sister Sally when I have pancakes, especially with fresh lemon juice. When we were kids we had to duck though a hole in our hedge to pick lemons from our back neighbor's. We had a standing agreement that we could help ourselves anytime and we certainly did. Their tree was so old it had lemons on it almost year round as far as I can recall. I wish they were still my neighbors - I pay about $2 for two tiny lemons these days and they are a kind of luxury. Next on my garden shopping list is a lemon tree.


  1. Hmm... pancakes! I love citrus trees too. We have a beautiful lemon tree - it's a funny old thing with a mind of its own, you'd think... There's no rhyme or reason to when we get lemons... They come when they do! :) K

  2. Oh, I am craving pancakes after reading your post. Mmmm.

    Thanks for including my foxy collage on your foxy posting! ;)

  3. They eat pancakes with just sugar here, no lemon!


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