My thoughts on this Saturday morning

Every night before I go to sleep I make a promise to myself to be a better mum tomorrow. Each day ends and I find myself submitting my name for the world's worst mum award. Again vowing to be better tomorrow. The fact that I care enough to keep making this promise makes me a pretty good mum I think. Maybe one day I will be a better mum as long as I keep making this promise.


  1. I have similar thoughts... Do you know, there actually is a World's Worst Mum website? I'm always expecting to be nominated!

    Someone very lovely and wise once said to me that, in her experience, it's the ones who think they're a bad mother who are often the most wonderful mums.

    Have a lovely weekend and before you go to bed tonight add "..and let me be kinder to myself", okay?
    :) K

  2. Dont be too hard on yourself Jacqui! You have so many things going on at the moment and I have no doubt when your little men are grown they will remember a happy mum who chased her dreams and loved and cared for them all the same :-))

    ps plus they will be grateful to be co-presidents of the Mee a Bee empire as it will be stocked in every Japanese department store! ;-)

  3. I feel this way everyday at the moment too and make the same promise to myself everynight.

    Every morning I make a wish that today will be a day where I don't feel short-tempered, impatient or annoyed and cranky and you know wasn't too bad!

    I agree that the fact that you care enough to make this promise everyday makes you a wonderfully caring Mum and I'll bet your kids love you heaps :)


  4. You are a fabulous Mum. Stop giving yourself such a hard time! As Kylie said, it is usually the people who give themselves the hardest time about being abad mother that are in fact the best mothers! ;-)


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