No that's video!

Today I have done something really crazy! I've made an instructional video for these Toddler Backpacks! I get lots of emails from Internet Marketing gurus often with video attachments. I decided that I could do one too, afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words. Tune in later tonight or maybe tomorrow to watch my Internet video debut, complete with my kids walking past and my funny New Zealand accent. Oh and my dimples are not to be missed. I start to get a bit frazzled when Little Guy wakes up from his nap and insists on touching the camera while I am ironing - I even break into a bit of a sweat. I persevere and end up this cute backpack. Sound like a fun way to spend the day?


  1. Wow you are amazing me, you must be sooo organised juggling all that and being able to do a Tutorial just now!!;)

  2. You are amazing darl - I was a blithering mess when my kids were little ;) K

  3. Your post reminds me of my day whenever I tried to do anything!


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