Oh no! my pasta bowl is broken

Oh no! my pasta bowl is broken, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

Last night Mr. Mee a Bee accidentally dropped one of our pasta bowls. It shattered all over the kitchen floor leaving us with just one bowl intact. Most of our plates are fine porcelain which breaks so easily. I'm on the hunt for new bowls. Of course I am thinking about supporting friends.

My friend Dave in Nara (just outside Osaka) makes his pottery from clay that he gets from all over Japan. He has his own wood kiln at home. You can read more about his processes on his blog or listen to his podcasts. Togeii (bottom right)

Charan is another potter friend of mine in Seattle. You can watch his process on YouTube - yep, even potters are going high tech. Creative With Clay (top right)

The remaining two bowls are finds from Etsy: atelierBB (top left) and Fox Pots (bottom left).


  1. Oh, they would need to include something so they could bounce back sometimes!!Oh Mr Mee a bee was in trouble?!;)

  2. Thank you so much for including my bowl on your blog. It would make a great addition in your kitchen too. :)

  3. this bowl that your friend dave made reminds me of Hagi-yaki.. I will go and check out his blog... i am in total envy of anyone with a wood kiln...


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