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Hello, thanks for visiting Mee a Bee/ Blooming in Nihon. This week I am conducting an anonymous survey. I'm interested in what your pre-school children use their bags for. Any bags, not just handmade ones or Mee a Bee ones. Choose as many answers as are applicable. Feel free to add extra comments here. Thanks so much. This information will help Mee a Bee meet the needs of customers like you better.

My son, Tyler, aka Little Guy has a couple of favorite bags. He has one packed all the time with wipes, nappies, tissues, spare socks and a cap for the days when he goes to the sitter. He gets it out of the cupboard, I add his drink, his little snack box and he's good to go.

He has another little bag that he likes to take to the convenience store. It's not a Mee a Bee bag! It came free with a bottle of coke. It's about the size of a six-pack. He loves it.

When he's just playing around at home he really enjoys pretending he is going to school. For this he gets his older brother's old kindergarten backpack out.

He's a bag lady in the making :)

Take the survey if you can please. Votes are anonymous. See top left.

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  1. my little guy uses bags for cleaning up, as well. if he has too many toys in the living room, he grabs a bag to load them all up in to carry them back up to his room.

    my gal has a back pack with a water-bottle holder on the side. she loves that! she uses the pack for sleep overs at grandma's and for gymnastics - and always has a water bottle tucked in the side pocket.

    i always carry the library bag, because it is always too heavy for my kids. :)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! it's very insightful. Life is pretty different for us here in Japan with respect to "normal" kid activities. It's good to hear that some things are the same.

  3. Baby is not keen on bags yet, except for the handbags that belong to the barbies (which I have seen her wearing on her wrist) and she loves shopping bags because she always hopes there might be a present or some yummy food in there! She has not started using her Mee a bee handbag yet.

  4. My youngest has multiple bags on the go at any one time. She's a big fan of accessories so they're usually full of plastic jewellery. I'm always trying hard to convince her on one small bag so that I don't end up carrying them all.

  5. Well T has his Go to Grandma bag; book, toys, nappies etc. It's an old bag of mine. Then he has the Miffy bag which is small and for carrying something in the car. Sometimes he uses a calico bag to carry his pillow. He likes to take a bag to go out shopping.

  6. We take ours to church too. I let them choose their toys and books to keep them occupied.
    My daughter also keeps her plastic jewelery in her "purse" too.

  7. Eleanor loves bags and she has several, including those cute little animal ones we bought in the 100 yen shop last year - do you remember? Anyway, she does a lot of imaginary play with them, often filling them with random objects that she then pretends are something else (e.g. food to feed the animals. What animals?!)
    She has a red bag that goes to creche with her every day and a special bag that we use if she is sleeping over at Granny's or Gram's. She also has a small plastic basket that she takes along when we go to the supermarket - it's great as it keeps her occupied 'helping' with the shopping!

  8. Thanks so much this is awesome!! I have so many new ideas now.


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