Online adventures in advertising

Today (continued from last night) I am trying to work out how to make advertisements for use on websites, you know the ones that flash through different images. I'm sure I'll be able to find a great tutorial somewhere, I just don't have much time today.

These little pictures are cute though aren't they? I edited them and added the text on via Flickr


  1. Those images are great - very eye-catching. I'm sure people would be intrigued and want to click on them. Good choice! K

  2. I like them!

    Did you think of the publishing rights of those pictures? As far as I know the images are taken from fabrics, arent't they? I don't know if the owner/designer of the fabrics can insist on his picture rights.

  3. I don't know Caro, some designer fabrics have a copyright message printed on them but these don't. Perhaps I should look into that - don't want to get a legal slap on the wrist do I??

  4. Better check it. It's a big issue here.


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