Parlez Vous Japanese?

Yaye, I got the girls' drawstring bags finished, photographed and listed in my store today. All in one day! That's awesome and almost unheard of. I have a naughty habit of half-sewing things or sewing them and never photographing them, or photographing and not editing nor adding them to my store line-up.

Isn't this fabric wonderful? It's by Kokka, part of the Trefle line and new for this season. It started to come through late last year. It's called La Petite Ecole. Once again I spot a frog and letters, including an e with an accent (not correct as far as I know when writing the alphabet, Sandrine?)

When I bought this fabric I thought I would use red drawstrings but while I was sewing it I started to feel the peachy pink would suit it nicely. I've got two for sale in my store and you can choose the color of the drawstring.

The fabric of course is cotton blended with linen, printed by Kokka in Japan.

This type of drawstring bag is fabulous if you have small children that still have toys that are best kept "out of sight out of mind" ie. only brought out for play together (speaking from experience).

The boy's bags are in store too - I might spice them up with a bit of French Flavor - Drawstring Bag - Medium - Des cuisses de grenouille - Frogs' legs


  1. J'aime cette étoffe, c'est adorable!

  2. Oui, Oui...Ecole ou école is correct...However when you have a Qwerty anglo PC it is a crazy challenge to add the accents!!!unless I look for the links;)
    Joli sac et joli tissu, comme d'habitude Jacqui!;)


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