Rainy season means frogs

It's "Rainy Season" in Japan, the time of year when we have more rain than usual. So far, as every year recently, we haven't had a great deal of rain. What we've had is hot, wet and sticky days with occasional showers - making it extremely difficult to get any laundry dry.

The frogs in my garden love it. You should hear the cacophony when it starts raining! Last night we were treated to a little frog show when I spotted a little tree frog right outside our window. We were able to observe it from behind the safety of our fly screen. We all get jumpy when frog gets jumpy.

I can't get enough of frogs it seems. I picked this little piece out of the remnant bin too. It's only half a meter so I am not sure what I will do with it yet.

Being a rainy morning I had some time to make a few of these frog drawstring bags, in what I'll call medium size. They're great for stowing treasure; small toys that came without a box; collections or things you want to keep together, or even to take on the road.

The frog fabric by Kokka is strong linen and cotton. The bag has double stitched side seams, serged raw edges and a single drawstring to close or hang up. 10" x 12"

The girl's ones will be available later. For now I have three in my shop.

Little Guy really wanted me to photograph his blocks, he'd made a huge castle with turrets and windows. We worked on it together for quite a while as I went back and forth from the sewing machine. In the end he agreed to hold the bag but not hold still and to let a couple of blocks pose for the photo. He is wearing the very first bag I made for myself about 5 years ago. I'm sick of it but something about it keeps catching his eye.


  1. How gorgeous! I love the rain and aren't frogs the most fascinating creatures? Love the bags :) K

  2. Here in Florida during the rainy season, the frogs are dangerous if you have a nosey dog. We have a species that releases a poison that can kill a dog very quickly. I've made two rushed trips to the ER with my doxie to save her life. So...I'm not too fond of frogs

  3. great pick! that is the same fabric I bought when we met at ABC Craft, great minds think alike, BTW I have signed up today to do Mathildas in Brisbane so lets chat over email about mee a bee flyers! :-)

  4. I love frog fabrics. This one is so cute with the umbrellas. I hate it when I can only get a little supply of a particular fabric, I am too scared to cut it up, so it sits on my shelf forever and a day!

  5. Thanks Kylie!

    Wow, Quirky!! scary!

    Mimoo I thought it was one you had. It's not there anymore, that is the last piece and only half a metre.

    Kelly, my problem is not buying enough of a fabric at the outset. I am a commitment phobe. I often regret it later.


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