Seven things about me

Oh dear I am so slack. Amanda from Little Lizzies tagged me to find out 7 things about me might have even been more than 7 days ago and I am just getting to it. Thanks Amanda for choosing me :)

Amanda and I may actually be twins separated at birth since this could be my list:

* I love to eat Chocolate me too

* Knows the words to Bob the Builder Songs I know the theme song, mainly the chorus, I know their names!

* I love all things Japanese I love some things Japanese, different when you have to live here.

* I love sunny days at the beach This was me in my old life, Osaka is too hot and polluted to enjoy the beach

* I walk everywhere, even in the rain Not so keen on rain, but we do bicycle a lot, saves parking worries

* I can’t wait for my youngest to start school My secret is out! Really I can't wait for the terrible twos to end

* I am a Facebook Addict I am a Blogger Addict

Here are my seven random things:

I used to claim to be fluent in French. My brother still teases me about not knowing the French word for yellow. I don't make this claim any more.
* Recently I've become addicted to two teen dramas on television, Gossip Girl and Everwood.
* My sister and I were swimmers as teens. She was and most likely always will be much faster then me. I haven't swam properly in years.
* I love to lick the bowl when I've finished baking. I worry about eating raw eggs but can't stop myself from doing it.
* I have a terrible sense of direction. I get lost all the time. I even get lost at the mall.
* Most people think I came to Japan because my brother was here but the truth is it was at the urging of a very good friend of mine. He's ended up in Canada.
* I like music but I've only been to a handful of live concerts in my life. The worst would have to have been Bobby Brown. I guess U2 was the most exciting.


  1. I can only do about 2 laps of 33 and a third now! I am more like a whale than a dolphin these days ;-)

  2. You are up late too tonight.. me too.... I just did a me me.. = )

  3. I like to lick the bowl too, but these days the kids get there first.

  4. Now you can say you are fluent it is Jaune!!My hubby say he is effluent in French;)
    Lovely to read a liyttle bit about you...oh U2 concert that would have been awesome;)


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