Sidetracked by the Crafty Fox

Each afternoon while I'm waiting for Little Guy to go to sleep I quietly catch up on emails and read my favorite blog feeds. Today I have gotten completely sidetracked here on Kids Haus by these mixed media illustrations from paper sparrow. Little Guy has a gorgeous Fox print I picked up last year from Amy Blackwell. His room is looking great but I would still like some pieces to marry the retro/vintage and modern themes. I did a search for foxes on Etsy and found some really cool art that I am so tempted to buy.

According to what's your the symbolic meaning of foxes is

  • cunning
  • strategy
  • quick-thinking
  • adaptability
  • cleverness
  • wisdom
I think this is very appropriate for Little Guy, he is all of these things when it comes to getting food, scissors or his brother's treasures from top shelves.

I'm really leaning towards one from Cabin + Cub since I have been following Valerie's blog. It is modern in that it's mixed media collage, it's a piece of paper with wood veneer, but the illustration is definitely vintage. The boy's red jumper would look great too in Little Guy's room.


  1. i lurve the one with the boy holding the puffing fox!!

  2. The red jumper one for me as well :) It's very boy friendly :)


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