Sneak Peeks for Mathilda's Market

My deadline is approaching rapidly, Mathilda's Market is on July 5th in Sydney. I was planning to have everything ready to send by this week. I need an evening to inventory it all but I don't think I have enough yet. I've booked the babysitter for Wednesday, that will be a sewing day.

I made four of these adorable Girl's Shoulder Bags yesterday. I have made three different kinds of bags in this color combo. Making bags for children is so much fun.

This is the line up: the Toddler Messenger Bags, Drawstring Backpacks and now these Shoulder Bags. I think customers appreciate a variety to choose from. I hope ...!

Lots of my new stuff is off to Sydney but don't worry once it is all done I will be adding some of these new favorites to my store. Send me an email if you have your heart set on something.


  1. Very exciting! I hope you sell out in Sydney!

  2. very cute- keep up the great work!

  3. Such a sweet bag. I am in awe of the quality and quantity of the work you turn out!


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