Sweetbeets are so sweet

Ages and ages ago I got a set of letterpress cards from Sweetbeets. I'd seen them framed on the ModEcoKids blog (also run by Sweetbeets owner Lisa) and thought they were very ... sweet. Just the other day I remembered that I had bought this little rocking horse one. I thought it would be perfect for Little Guy's room since he's got the horses and quite a bit of yellow in his room. This afternoon we've finally managed to get them trimmed, framed and hung on the wall.

I think they look great. The frames are cheapies from Nitori, our local furniture chain-store.

These pictures are available (unframed) as greeting cards from Sweetbeets. There are also a lot of new adorable baby shower invitations you must check out.

Little Guy and I also tackled this cushion project this morning. I picked up this fabric a few weeks ago at Ikea. The colors match his room really well: yellowy green, steely blue and a deep maroon. It's the story-time cushion. Our other cushion cover had burst its zipper so was due for replacement. I didn't have a long zip so I've done a simple envelope back. This type of cushion cover really only takes about half an hour to do, including overlocking the raw edges.

You may recall the poster I was excited about a couple of weeks ago? The one I spent hours choosing and not a small chunk of change buying? It has met its unhappy end. Little Guy spent an evening quietly and determinedly tearing it into so many pieces it could not be saved. It was another one of those moments when I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Like the calligraphy ink incident - oh I didn't tell you about that. It all reminds me of this quote from Dooce, "that's why we can't have nice things" - she was referring to the destruction caused by their puppy.


  1. They look really cute!!! I love postcards and I especially love the idea of framing some nice ones and putting them on a babies or childs wall!

    I will have to check out "sweetbeets"

  2. Thanks Lulu. Sweetbeets is great, we've become pretty good friends, I just love her work.

  3. YOU are so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing your framed Sweetbeets Jacqui. What a nice surprise. Hope Little Guy likes them too!

    Sorry to hear about the early demise of your other poster. We've had our fair share of 'incidents' at our house too. Boys! Boys! Boys!

  4. I've had them sitting on my desk for weeks Lisa. After "seeing" you on twitter this morning I decided to get my a into g and get the frames. they look SO GREAT and best of all Little Guy cannot reach them even when he stands on his bed!

  5. They look lovely.
    My boy constantly pulls one particular thing off the wall all the time and it drives me nuts. I have tried every approach and he still doesn't get it!
    Little buggers, you try and make their rooms look nice and obviously they would be just as happy in a white room with just a bed.

  6. I think Em would try to rip up a poster too. She loves wrecking stuff and hitting people. Tonight she threw a little doll at Kay who was half way up the stairs. What a little terror!


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