The Two Postmen Goats Gruff

Thanks so much for adding your vote and opinion to the poll (top left) regarding use of bags. So far it's clear that bags for pre-schoolers are used a lot in imaginative play putting them in the toy category which is interesting since I've always looked at them as accessories in the out & about section. I have tons of new ideas and others that I've been plotting for a while are really coming together. Thank you!

My boys love pretending to be postmen. They get the mail out of the box then deliver it to me in the kitchen. Our postie is a gruff goat, never cracks a smile and insists on posting the mail through the slot even if we are standing there. It makes me wild since our old postie was so nice.

This fabric is a tribute to postmen in Japan. The T symbol is the symbol for "post" here and post boxes are red like this. I found two tiny pieces of this material in the remnant bin. I'll have to think hard about what I will make.


  1. Fabulous fabric! You made me laugh with your story about the gruff postie :) Ours zooms by on a motor bike and yes, the same thing!... Even if I'm standing there he'll pretend not to see me and puts them straight in the letterbox! Aren't folk strange?! Great post - thank you. K

    p.s. I didn't vote because my kids are too big for toddler bags now, sorry I couldn't help out there. K

  2. I think you should make something for the postie - perhaps he won't be so 'gruff' anymore :)

  3. Love the fabric, but then again I'm a fabric hog! I love purchasing all kinds and sadly most of it ends up sitting in my closet to browse when the mood hits me and pull out for the rare occasions when I actually get a hair up my behind to start sewing again. By the way got the wallet. It's so darling! I'll let you know when I get my little post on MeeaBee up.

  4. Loving the fabric lots! Must be nice being able to shop around the local stores and find such gorgeous fabric. Auckland is so deprived of that :)

    And perhaps your postie always has some kind of unhappy encounter with a neighbour's dog before arriving at your home? ;) Lol. Posties!

  5. i put your little blog award on my blog today. :) thank you!

    and i love the goat fabric. what fun!

    my mom really likes my tiny tote - and she laughed that the fabric looked so swedish when the bag came from japan. :)

  6. Thanks for your comments! this has been a hot topic today! More to add in the next post.


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