What's not going to the market?

I have a huge box of bags almost ready to go. Mr. Mee a Bee lent me a tag-gun last week. I've had quite a lot of fun tagging everything, you know with the needle and plastic thing? On Friday he came home and asked if I had finished with it. It turns out he borrowed it from his brother's company and it's been recalled. I have to give it back tomorrow.

I am doing the final sort through. I'm picking things from my shop that I think will compliment what I have made especially for Mathilda's Market.

Bearing in mind that it is winter over in Oz I am sending the last two felt tote bags, the gorgeous Bear in Paris bags with my stitched Eiffel Tower on. I made dozens of these for Christmas last year. Karen at Washimatta grabbed the last pink one on Friday. I'll be sad to see them go since I made them with my mum. We had such a great time.

One of the Penguin Backpacks is staying here to sell on Etsy. I changed the pattern slightly so this one is not the same as the ones off to Sydney. It's in the store now.

I still have one Toddler Beetle Bag and one velcro wallet as well for Etsy.

More updates later as I get through it all. It's going to be a late night!


  1. thank you once again.

    talia is going to looooooove the bag.

    i just know it. :)


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