Wordless Wednesday - not me!

One of my friends from Etsy, Lori Dean Dyment, sent me a link to her blog earlier today. She had chosen a Mee a Bee messenger bag as part of her Wordless Wednesday line up. Excitedly I clicked the link only to find lots of lovely work by some other friends of ours but no Mee a Bee. Thinking I hadn't made the cut I wrote back to say thanks and better luck next time. It turns out that wordless Wednesday starts at midnight in Vancouver which is already 4pm in Osaka. I am so happy to see Mee a Bee is in fact featured on Lori's blog. Check it out and her shop too. Lori is a very talented artist. This is one of my favourites.


  1. I love your bags, it's fun that I found your blog, hugs, Catherine

  2. I like it, I'm loving the hat!


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