Another favorite this week

This week the lilac jolly roger messenger bag for toddlers has been picked up twice for feature.

It's currently in one treasury (live until Sunday) which Cyn named Purple Reign. Cyn is a huge supporter of Etsy and the handmade community. Thanks so much!

This morning I got a lovely email from Theresa about this same bag. She's featuring it in her Friday Feature on her blog. So kind, thanks Theresa. Theresa's shop is Studio618, we met her last week, I hope you took a look at her beautiful hand -inscribed jewellery.

This evening, in addition to baking a chocolate cake and swimming half a kilometre I have been working on a bag in the same design but black for a funky little boy. My husband likes to sing a little ditty in the evenings "64, 64, 64 hours a day" - that's how many hours he thinks I work. He's not far off so it's a good thing I love it all.


  1. Baking a chocolate cake and swimming half a KM doesn't seem to go! Only if you don't eat the cake!

  2. I wish my husband realized I work that many hours a day...


  3. hey Sal I missed out on the cake - too slow! but there was a lot of other food, boy oh boy.

    Cat, you'll be on holiday soon!

  4. I love this bag, it's no wonder it got spotlighted.


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