Another small milestone and a small arrival

Following on from last night's successful train outing, today Little Guy has passed another little milestone with flying colors. I had a Chatty Cafe today but all three of my babysitters had other plans. I decided to try keeping Little Guy home with me. He was GREAT! He was very calm, did not throw anything or try to jump off anything. He watched TV for about twenty minutes then turned it off once the program was finished (by himself!). Then he sat at the table eating his cake nicely and chatting with the ladies. It was probably a bit boring for him, I know he enjoys his babysitter days very much, but it's good to know that he can handle it if necessary.

We had carrot cake. My friend Trina from Lola & Ben sent me a yummy new recipe. It was recently sent out in their newsletter so if you want to get your hands on a copy I am sure you could ask. Lola & Ben are celebrating their second birthday now (Happy Birthday!) and have some great birthday specials. I am in love with so many of Lola & Ben's brands ... StickyTiki and BabyBaby ... my two favorite sisters ... those merino socks ... the Honey Sticks crayons ... take a look!

Speaking of BIRTH days, my second cousin was born this morning! Is that right, my cousin had a baby? It's the first grandchild for my auntie Bea so we are doubly thrilled!! I will finally be able to send off the presents I bought last year for this long awaited baby, a little boy. So cute.


  1. I had Carrot Cake for my birthday yesterday it was very yummy love the sourcream icing Mmmmm
    Yes we are all very excitied about our newgreat nephew in my case!!
    Welcome to Max William a cancerian thru and thru didnt want to come out of his "shell"

  2. super excited about the baby. I hope bea gets to see him a lot

  3. My family just went through this whole thing of what do you call the kid of your cousin. And the kid would be your First Cousin once removed. Wikipedia has an article about cousins and it has a chart that you can use to figure out what someone is. :) Congratulations, babies are so much fun.

  4. Thanks Cassie! that sure clears it up, I doubt I will ever call him that. He'll most likely just be called "my cousin's kid"! I feel more like an auntie to him I think.


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