At last, the last one!

Today is the last Chatty Cafe for the term - before the summer holiday closure - it's too hot to bake and clean. I've made Donna Hay's Melt n Mix Chocolate and Coconut cake. It was exhausting to bake last night since it's so muggy but I am so ready to eat some ... mmmmmm, yuummmmy.
See ya later


  1. yeay for you! end of term time. i just did a post about mee a bee on my blog! only a few days to go till mathildas fingers crossed that i make some money :-)

  2. I was wondering - forgive my ignorance - but is air conditioning really expensive in Japan - or is it just a tradition not to have it? I see a lot of Japanese films & anime with no AC.

  3. Thanks Milady. I'm not sure ... I think for us personally we try to minimise the amount of electricity we use. It can climb fairly steep in the summer months.

    Our a/c is wall mounted, not thermostatically controlled for the whole house. Part of the conspiracy - electronics makers and construction companies ...

    Old homes were designed to be cool in summer with the use of bamboo and hollow foundations.


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