Bamboo Clothing: It's the new big thing and I can see why

Jo is a friend of mine in Australia who owns a wildly successful new business called Babyjo. Babyjo is a range of organically grown 100% bamboo fibre baby clothing and blankets. Jo started the business two years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with (mild) eczema.

Some of you may recall that Little Guy also had infantile eczema. I had never heard of bamboo clothing even just three years ago. My poor sausage spent the first years of his life pinched, blotchy and probably incredibly itchy. He's grown out of it now but I wish I had done more to alleviate his suffering. (I did heaps but it was more along the lines of not dressing him in wool and watching what he ate).

Did you say Bamboo? We're just starting to hear about the amazing properties of bamboo. It's an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable material. Babyjo's is organically grown too. It has the the most luxurious feel to it - almost like a cross between cashmere and silk.

# Wonderful for eczema and allergy sufferers - Soothing the skin
# Wicks away moisture to keep you fresh and dry
# Odour resistant - great for babies!
# Naturally antibacterial and antifungal
# Washes and irons beautifully and its antistatic

What I find amazing about bamboo is its antibacterial properties. On the weekend I was reading about bears in the north of Japan that eat a special kind of bamboo before they hibernate. Bears have to eat a lot before hibernation to get them through the winter. Eating the bamboo stops all that food fermenting dangerously in their intestines. Interesting? I thought so.

In all honesty Babyjo is just gorgeous whatever it's made of, bamboo facts aside. Look at that gorgeous baby. And I am happy to see both boys and girls are represented. You can view more of the line here at

Jo sent me this little update that I can share about the new range that comes out this month.

Babyjo Bamboo Wear – Clothes of tomorrow for bubs of today

Available in store on July 11th – Babyjo are proud to present their new range of 100% Bamboo clothing, pyjamas and blankets. The “Aiko” range of pyjamas is available in both single and double layer, depending on your needs for warmth (or not). The new range has a gorgeous Japanese accent to it, with kimono tie waisted rompers, bodysuits and tops. Available online or see Babyjo’s Stockist page for a store near you. Contact Jo to see if delivery to your country is an option.

But what about the pandas? Aren't you taking away their food? Click here for the answer.

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